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Mrs jacked on Plants

You read that right – more carbs.

After turning to a plant based diet for health reasons I was forced to up my carb intake.

After pushing through the initial fear barrier, something magical happened. After more than a decade of trying and 2 kids later, MY BODY FINALLY started to BURN FAT.

I was eating more food, more carbs, I stopped obsessing over protein AND I reduced my cardio drastically – it didn’t make any sense?

I’ve held the ‘eat less, increase protein and cardio’ mindset for most of my adult life, I know the frustration.

But I’m here to tell you – it doesn’t work.

I’m also here to HELP you.

I’m SO passionate about sharing what I’ve discovered. Because not only can you find the key to unlocking that stubborn mule of a plateau with your body goals – this lifestyle (it’s NOT a diet) will have your skin glowing, your energy flowing and your health and wellbeing at levels you thought you’d never enjoy again as an aging lady.⠀

Bec Frith Mrs Jacked on Plants

The way forward is the path of abundance.⁣

Not less food.⁣ More food…⁣⠀

In the past 2 years Mrs Jacked on Plants has grown from me helping out a few friends and showing them how to eat and train, to a full time, serious business that is transforming thousands of women’s lives of all shapes and sizes – from London to San Fran to Sydney. During this time I also wrote a book to inspire more women to be Legends of Change.

Bec Frith Legends of Change

In the next 3 years, our MISSION is to help 100k women get in the best shape of their lives and take control of their health by slaying diet fads.⠀

In the past 12 months we’ve:

We’ve created over 4000 CUSTOM Meal Plans using our FREE algorithm generated calorie calculator, which tells you the EXACT amount of calories and the macro split you need to follow on the daily, based on your body type, to reach your goals fast. ???? TAKE OUR FREE QUIZ

Grown our Instagram channel from 0 to 43K followers and growing daily: ???? FOLLOW ME ON IG

And we’re building one of the most supportive private groups on Facebook with over 4000 badass ladies. We call our members #CARBQUEENS and they are every inch befitting of the title. Come and join us and benefit from free advise, support and inspiration: ???? JOIN PRIVATE GROUP

I’m SO PASSIONATE about this lifestyle and here to help. If you need me you can shoot me a message and I’ll try my best to get right back.⠀

With LOVE – Bec – AKA – Mrs Jacked on Plants x

P.s: Don’t HATE yourself towards skinny – LOVE Yourself towards HEALTHY

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